We know what is à la carte because it is in our blood. It's not just a white  sheet
table with seven courses of plates decorated with a fine dish, its just a bit more. This is an event. And we can't organize anything less than that.

We didn't think so even in our previous life, when we both worked in catering
for a total of thirty years, that the restaurant is just to fill the stomach

Also, we don't think that transport is just one package.
We are Gunnar and Kaire, and Bambusa Transport is our small family business.
Once or twice a month we drive with vans From Estonia to Spain and back and 
on the route, we offer door-to-door courier service.
In an old fashioned, simple and personal way.

That's à la carte our way.
From a person 
to a person, without intermediate warehouses, transshipments, dropping packages and information losses due to excessive chain.
As you ordered 
the same can be done: piano from Mustamäe to Montmartre, bicycle from Järvakandi to Jūrmala or a loaf of black bread from e-Selver to Seville.
We take your order, we prepare the route ourselves, we take the package ourselves, we load the vans ourselves, we are at the wheels and we delivering the packages ourselves.
The two of us are just enough that nothing important things would not be forgotten and accurately so little to take everything personally.
Both packages, wishes and results. Because such a way is certain.

That's not all.
Three is better than two and that's why there is one more of us: companion and guard dog Rafael, who is probably the dachshund with the longest mileage in Estonia.
What to do, that's the job. Especially since Rafael loves driving and Spain and France and all Europe. Like we do. And all this together is a decent à la carte

Bambusa à la transporte