When transporting customer´s goods , it is our responsibility to deliver the goods from the sender to the addressee fully. But it is important to know that the carrier's liability is limited. By the CMR
Convention on the road transports is the maximum liability of a carrier 8.33 SDR per kilo of gross goods what makes ca 10 EUR / kg. The SDR is an international currency settlement unit and its rate is shown with other currency rate according to the daily balance. Thus, when transporting a EUR 1 base with a weight of 200 kg, CMR insurance covers a maximum of € 2000, but no more than the actual value of the goods, in the event of a loss of goods.Bambusa Transport has a carrier liability insurance concluded by Ergo Insurance. In the case of highly valuable goods, we recommend the conclusion of additional insurance covering the value of all goods. We can offer cargo insurance through our partner Ergo Kindlustus.