Bambusa Transport provides a transport service across Europe, within the framework of which a package or large consignment/s are delivered from the Sender to the Recipient.

• Based on the price list, all shipments are transported from the front door of the sender's and recipient's residence or location to the front door, if there is access with a van and trailer!
P.S. Exceptions are possible only with prior agreement and for an additional fee!

• The service is provided for the delivery of shipments from a physical or juridical person to the Recipient.
• The service is provided across Europe, according to the monthly route.
• The approximate time of pick up and delivery will be notified to the Customer by e-mail 1 day before arriving at the destination.
The customer is responsible for providing information if the recipient of the package is a third party. The driver will announce the arrival by phone just before reaching the destination.
• If it turns out that the customer is unable to receive the shipment at the agreed time and there are no alternatives, the carrier has the right to return the shipment(s) to the sender, and the person who placed the order will be billed for extra transportation.
• The property to be sent must be the customer's or the customer has the right to send the goods/property to be moved from one place to another

Our drivers drive according to the Working and Rest Time Act, so the charging time can vary from early morning to late evening.

  • The price of transport depends on the size and weight of the shipment, see https://bambusa.ee/pricerequest
  • After picking up the shipments, we measuring and weighting your packages on the first possibility, after which we send the invoice to the customer's e-mail and you can pay by bank transfer.
  • For shipments requiring special handling, 25% is added to the price.
  •  20% VAT will be added to the prices.
  • P.S. Due to the rapidly changing economic situation, the invoices issued for the services provided by Bambusa OÜ must be 100% paid by the time of arrival at the destination.

• The shipment must be packed so securely that it does not break during reasonable handling and long-distance transportation.
• All the goods to be sent must be securely packed in closed, strong packages, and the name, address and phone number of both the sender and the recipient must be marked on the shipment, see more details - https://bambusa.ee/packing
• If the customer refuses to pack or the shipment is insufficiently packed, Bambusa Transport is not responsible for broken, dirty or other scratches.
• Bambusa Transport is responsible for damages caused to goods packed correctly by the customer during loading or transport, if it has occurred through the fault of an employee of Bambusa Transport.
• Bambusa Transport is not responsible for the consequences that the client or other persons not related to the moving company may cause (for example, the client and the client's friends help to load things), while the moving company does not take responsibility for the actions of third parties (the client's friends, helpers, etc.). This includes all kinds of material damages and all kinds of bodily injuries resulting from incorrect work practices.


• The goods are insured with CMR insurance https://bambusa.ee/kindlustus
  • Extra insurance - ask inquiry.


• weapons and their parts;
• ammunition and their parts;
• objects and publications with indecent or indecent content, which are pornographic or
  materials with erotic content and depicting child pornography, zoophilia, necrophilia or violence;
• cylinders, including tear and nerve gas cylinders;
• explosive and easily flammable and dangerous substances;
• toxic and radioactive substances;
• biological infectious substances;
• narcotic and psychotropic substances and medicines containing them;
• whole blood and blood components;
• acids;
• perishable foodstuffs;
• parasites of pest insects and flies from the Drosophilidae family);
• money and securities;
• items and substances whose circulation in the European Union is prohibited;
• other items and substances prohibited from shipment under applicable laws.
• poisonous plants; items that, due to their characteristics or packaging, may endanger the Recipient of the shipment, employees, stain or damage other shipments, or the property of third parties;

When receiving and handing over the package, we will identify the identity of the sender and receiver based on a document with a picture.

The service is provided by the Estonian company Bambusa OÜ, reg. code 14473765